Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How do you see the world? Glass full or empty?

We all have heard the saying - do you see glass half full or glass half empty?  It is so common that I think sometimes it has lost it's meaning for many.  It is more than just full or empty.  It is actually what you see... Many people can view the exact same event or concept and interpret it two totally different ways.  What you chose to see had a huge affect on how you feel. 
For example - earlier today I was watching the today show and they were interviewing a 19 year old woman who had posted a picture of herself with her friend.  She was smiling and having fun  - until she looked at the picture.  When she first saw the picture she identified her friend as the "pretty blond" and her self as the other one with all the cellulite.   She saw all of her flaws and became sad and frustrated with herself and her body image.  That is the time she made a decision to change how she looked at the picture. She realized she had a choice.  She then chose to see the picture as a representation of friendship and of a happy day in her life.  When she focused on the smiles and the positive memories she felt happy.  The picture is exactly the same - her way of interpreting it has changed and that led to a change in how she feels.
We do this every day - we see something or do something and then they way we interpret it can be negative and lead to frustration and roadblocks in our day.  What if we were to stop each time we found ourselves feeling negative or frustrated and we asked ourselves - "How can I see this differently?"  Can we focus on the "fullness" and not "emptiness" as in the glass analogy?  Do we feel differently?
It isn't easy - but with practice it will make a big difference in how you feel each and every day!
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