Thursday, January 29, 2015

Zoom in

Last night I had an opportunity to talk to a wonderful group of folks looking get better control over diabetes and lifestyle changes.  So often we tell ourselves that we will "eat better" and start to exercise... but what does that mean?  Can we be more specific?  Can we set SMART goals?

I have talked about SMART goals in this blog, but today I want to go a little further and share an idea that came from a fantastic book I just read called Before Happiness: the 5 hidden keys to achieving success, spreading happiness and sustaining positive change. This book was written by Shawn Achor and published 2013 by Crown Publishing, a division on Random House, Inc. NY.

The idea that stood out is called "Zoom In"

Shawn Achor talks about research showing that if we change the PERCEIVED distance to a goal, we will actually be more likely to get there and do it faster.  

So by taking the time to sit down and identify what steps you have ALREADY accomplished toward your goal, you put yourself closer to the actual target.  
Spend a few minutes celebrating how far you have come and write out the steps you have completed. Check them off - feel the satisfaction of what you have accomplished and see that target as close and closer with each checked box.

Try it and let me know what you think!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Why can't I keep my 2015 Resolutions?

So if you are like the majority of us out there, you made New Years Resolutions about 9 days ago and broke them about 2 days ago...
Yes, the majority of folks start the new year with wonderful intentions and yet something goes wrong.

Here are some tips to get yourself back on track:

1.  Make SMART Goals
Be specific - Identify what EXACTLY you would like to accomplish.  For example:  "Lose weight" is nice, but more specifically "comfortably fit in my size 8 jeans".
Can you measure it?  How about "lose 15 pounds".  Even more specific and measurable is to identify how you will do it.  Specific changes to diet and activity level can be planned and written down in order to keep yourself accountable.
Is it attainable?  Realistic?  Are you looking to drop 40 pounds in a month?  Probably not going to happen.
Give a time limit. Identify when you want to accomplish your goal.

2.  Break it down in to measurable steps.  Look at long term goals and then identify the short term steps you need to take to get there.  Take each short term step as a goal and focus on one at a time.   So often goals fail because we try to do too much too fast.  We find ourselves falling short of our ideal and giving up quickly.  Baby steps.  Keep it achievable.

3.  Celebrate your wins.  Be proud of yourself and take time to acknowledge each milestone along the way.  Expect to have good days and bad days.  Good moments and bad moments.  The key is to bounce back from the bad moments and get right back on track.  Little failures are expected to happen.  Move on from them and pat yourself on the back when you move closer to each goal.

It's not too late to make meaningful changes in 2015.  Stay SMART and you can do this!!!!

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