Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to develop positive thinking?

How many times have you found yourself frustrated and someone tells you to "think positive".  You may be thinking - of course - I don't want to feel this way - but I don't really have much of a choice!  If it were that easy I would already be doing it - right?
Maybe or maybe not... 
When negative events happen in our lives we begin to feel the weight of that event.  Then our mind starts to create negative thoughts and interpretations that contribute to our feelings and our fears.  What if we were able to stop ourselves and look at the situation from a different perspective.  How to develop positive thinking is not a skill that comes naturally for many people, however it can be learned with practice.  Think of the situation or event that has you stressed and try to imagine seeing it from a different perspective.  What would you say to a friend who was having that same negative thought?  What is the real cost benefit analysis?  Is holding on to the negative thinking really worth it?  Think of it as a fork in the road.  There are two paths to take.  One path is negative and the other positive.  If you had a choice of path, which would you take?  As much as hearing the words "think positive" can be irritating or seem unattainable - it really is within your control.  You can learn how to develop positive thinking.  That does not mean the negative event did not happen or doesn't need to be dealt with, what it means is that you control how you interpret it and how and if you let it take over your health and well-being.  It is a choice you make.
When you find yourself stuck in a negative thought cycle - think of it as the negative path and search for another one.  Even in the darkest situations, there is always a path that is just a little bit brighter.  You may need to search for it.  It takes practice to identify a brighter and more positive path, but the more you can consciously make that choice - the easier it becomes.
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