Thursday, June 4, 2015


In the last few days everyone seems to be talking about Caitlyn Jenner.  Praise and support quickly turned to hate and anger after the announcement of Jenner being named recipient of ESPY courage award.  All of a sudden her bravery is being judged because it is not "brave enough"!

The definition of Brave is possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance. At no point does one person's act of bravery diminish another ones.  It took 65 years for Bruce to become Caitlyn.  I could not imaging the pain of that many years not being my true self?

Why is it we feel that one person's experience is diminished or lessened by comparison?

Bravery and courage can be seen in so many ways:

  • Running into a burning building to save a life.
  • Facing a terminal illness.
  • Losing a limb in war or accident.
  • Leaving an abusive relationship.
  • Saying what you believe to be true in public when most disagree with you.
  • Trying something new and scary.
  • Seeking treatment for addiction.
  • Risking safety to rescuing someone else in danger.
  • Climbing a mountain.
  • Running a marathon.
  • Admitting mistakes and taking responsibility for our own actions.
  • Living your life true to who you are, even if you were not born that way!

Every person has his or her own personal struggles and no one can say what is and is not courageous unless you truly live in that person's skin.  One brave act does not make another one less courageous, we are all on our OWN JOURNEY every day.

If we could stop comparing & judging to diminish and devalue others we could find more joy and peace in the world.

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