Monday, December 1, 2014

Giving Tuesday

December 2, 2014 is #GivingTuesday!  This is a time to give back to others by joining the movement and donating to an organization of your choosing.  

For more information and to join the movement go to 

What about the next day, and the one after that?  Can we continue with acts of kindness every day of the year?  

Giving Tuesday is the kickoff of to the season of donations.  This campaign reminds us the importance of donating resources or time to help others in need.  If you regularly donate to local charities you most likely received emails or requests for donations as part of the movement. 

If you can join this global movement - please do! 

But what about the next day, and the day after that?

Often we think that helping others requires a huge commitment of time and or money... but that is not true.  While charitable donations and volunteering time will help those in need, don't forget the little things you can do every day.

 Challenge yourself to do something each and every day for the benefit of someone else.  

As you begin each day take an extra minute or two to plan acts of kindness.  

Some days you will be able to contribute big acts of kindness such as a significant donation or volunteering your time.  Other days will be smaller, such as letting someone in traffic, picking up snacks for coworkers, giving a friend a ride,  shoveling a little extra sidewalk to help out a neighbor or giving a stranger a compliment.    

You will brighten someones day - as well as your own!  Good luck!

Cara Maksimow, LCSW, CPC

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