Thursday, October 15, 2015

Other side of the story

How often do we make judgments on bits and pieces of information?  

Pretty often!  

We think we have enough information and we feel pretty confident we know enough to criticize or condemn someone else's actions.  

This week the story of an Aunt sueing her nephew for breaking her arm was EVERYWHERE. Instantly this woman was made infamous for being the worst Aunt ever!
I admit that when I saw the facebook feed with the headline I had similar thoughts about this story.  
Today, having heard her interview on the Today Show provided some more information about what really was behind this lawsuit and made me realize that I jumped to judgement like many others. 
Take a look at the human side of this story.  Whether you believe that the actions were justified or not, the truth is there is a young boy and his aunt who are being targeted and bullied in the media.  So much so that they had to appear on a national television show to speak to the world about their side of the story.  

Let's stop and think about the fact that there is never just one side to any story or situation. 

What does it say about us as a society that we are so quick to bully and judge a stranger in such a public way?
I realize that making judgments on situations will always happen, however I would like to work on taking a moment to think about the fact that there are always more sides to every story.  

Stop and recognize that "truth" is subjective.

 Peoples lives can be very negatively affected by our comments and judgments.
Remember this next time you start typing away about someone or something based on a media blurb...

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