Monday, October 5, 2015

My Mindful Pumpkin Spice...

I love getting my starbucks pumpkin spice soy latte this time of year. Today I enjoyed my coffee mindfully thanks to Melli O'Brien & Susan Albers from today's  Mindfulness Summit.  If you are interested in learning more about incorporating mindfulness into your life, this is a great resource worth checking out the Summit!
Today Susan Albers, clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic and one of the worlds leading experts on mindful eating provided six tips for mindful eating that I was excited to try with my favorite coffee.
Here is what I learned:

Sit down

This one may seem obvious but it made me realize how often I eat standing at the counter instead of sitting down.

Slow down

Go slow!  Try using your least dominant hand.


Smell your food, look closely at it, listen to the sounds it makes.  Take time to savor and not multitask as you are eating.


Make it easy to eat healthy by putting healthy options in your sight and other options tucked away.  For example, put fruit on the table and snacks in a cabinet.


Enjoy your meal, smile!

After listening to today's interview I set my weekly goal in my Kick Ass Plan to use these tips to eat mindfully for at least two of three meals a day for the next seven days. No more standing over the counter or working while eating...  wish me luck!
:-) Cara

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